Virtual Access for Behavioral Health Care Services

Project Term: 24 months; 2015-2017
Grant Amount: $50,000

This project will plan and implement telebehavioral health services in three schools, a clinic, and a skilled nursing facility in the Whitefish geographic area. Services will include both mental health and behavioral health treatment. The project will take a stepwise approach to expanding services to each site, beginning with the Columbia Falls high school. In this first phase, the project will design a tool for screening and referring students, coordinating care between the telehealth provider and the school, and using the telemedicine equipment.  In the next phase, the project will expand to Whitefish and operate as part of a school-based clinic that is opening there this year. In both cases, the aim is to begin services in the high school and then build to offer services to middle and elementary students. In the third phase, the project will expand to the rural Eureka school system and a skilled nursing facility in that community.

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