The T-HIP Tier 1 Planning and Implementation Project

Project Term: 12 months; 2019-2020
Grant Amount: $50,000

This project will help the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Board of Health (NCTBH) plan for and implement Tier 1 of the Medicaid Tribal Health Improvement Program (T-HIP). As a part of this project, NCTBH will hire a medical director and a T-HIP director to oversee and implement T-HIP Tier 1they will also develop a service agreement for DAPHNE software which will be used to manage clients and satisfy DPHHS reporting requirements. NCTBH will work closely with the Indian Health Service – Northern Cheyenne Service Unit and with nephrology and podiatry specialty clinics. The project’s overall goal is to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and to strengthen community action for improving the overall health of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.


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