Injury Prevention Project

Project Term: 24 months; 2015-2017
Grant Amount: $99,453

The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Board of Health will establish an injury prevention program. Montana has one of the nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle injury among American Indians. The project will establish a comprehensive, public health approach to injury prevention on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. Key elements include (1) revising the current Tribal Safety Belt Ordinance; (2) conducting community-based activities to increase the use of seat belts and child restraints, such as community education campaigns and partnering with Head Start to distribute and encourage the use of child seats; and (3) collaborating with law enforcement to strengthen traffic safety.  The grant will fund a fulltime injury prevention coordinator to lead the activities. The Indian Health Service and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer longer-term funding for tribal injury prevention programs: this grant will also help the tribe establish the foundation needed to successfully apply for these longer-term grants.

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