Improving Health Through Collaborations

Grant Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Grant Amount: $262,587

MHCF’s 2014 grant to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) supported county and tribal health departments to complete 34 local board of health trainings, 17 community health assessments, 10 community health improvement plans, and 10 strategic plans. One of the most important findings from this work was the prevalence of behavioral health concerns in communities throughout Montana: 80 percent of health departments identified substance use disorders and at least half also identified suicide or mental illness as top health challenges. This new grant will accomplish two related goals. First, it will build on MHCF’s current collaboration with DPHHS to continue strengthening capacity among Montana’s local and tribal public health departments. Second, through a new partnership between the DPHHS Public Health and Safety and Addictive and Mental Disorders divisions, it will implement a new, statewide, coordinated, public health-led initiative to prevent substance use disorders and mental illness.

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