Connecting Resources for Emotional Wellness

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $28,328

This project used innovative strategy to address the upstream risk factors contributing to poor emotional health and the consequent occurrence of mental health crises. Using an Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercise Model, the Richland County Mental Health Local Advisory Council successfully brought together multiple agency stakeholders to identify resources and gaps in support services. The methodology and results of this project were documented and translated into a toolkit that can be widely distributed to others who may be interested in conducting a similar project. On a local level, emotional wellness resource cards were developed and distributed and a “no wrong door” policy was developed; the goal of the “no wrong door” policy is to create an environment among health and service providers in Richland county where community members can be linked to behavioral health services from any point of service through which a person enters. All the products created through this project are designed to divert people from behavioral health crisis by strengthening emotional wellness supports in the community and increasing the opportunity for early intervention and engagement with behavioral health services.

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