From Plan to Action: Prevention and Support for Pregnant Blackfeet Women Using Opioids

Project Term: 12 months; 2017-2018
Grant Amount: $75,000

In 2016, MHCF supported the Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center and their Boston University-based partners to work with the Blackfeet tribe and the Indian Health Service Blackfeet Community Hospital on early-stage planning work to address opioid use by pregnant women. The funds supported a conference hosted at the Blackfeet Community College, a detailed report and feedback, an inspirational Blackfeet visit to the Lummi tribe’s opioid maintenance program, and the formation of a new, multi-partner opioid prevention task force on Blackfeet.

This project will continue that work through task force strengthening and capacity-building, focus groups/key informant interviews with clinicians and substance-using pregnant women, the production of a “gap analysis” to determine treatment shortfalls for substance-using pregnant women on Blackfeet, and the production of a feasibility analysis and business plan for developing services to address perinatal drug use. The project will also work on perinatal screening for substance use disorders, with a focus on establishing a strong system of care for women who screen positive. The tribe has also requested that the grantee work towards the creation of a tribal resolution for an opioid treatment facility on Blackfeet.

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