A Relational Model for Reducing Perinatal Substance Use Disorders in Southwest Montana

Grant Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Grant Amount: $150,000

For this project, Saint James Healthcare (SJH), in partnership with a network of community partners, will work to prevent perinatal substance abuse and improve care and access for pregnant women struggling with substance use in Southwest Montana. The multidisciplinary community team includes SJH, Montana Chemical Dependency Center, Southwest Montana Community Health Center, the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department, the Southwest Region Child & Family Services, and the Butte Community Action Team. This program a relational model of care and education inclusive of behavioral health, consistent prenatal care, and care coordination to address social factors impeding treatment. As a key component, the program engages the father or significant partner within the sphere of care, treatment, and social support. The program seeks to reduce occurrences of substance use in pregnancy and specifically encourages a path to long-term recovery through early detection and intervention, accessible treatment, and increasing community awareness. SJH will create a clinical team consisting of a social worker/care coordinator, a licensed behavioral health provider and family medicine physicians and an obstetric provider. Grant funds will be used primarily to support personnel and facilitate travel.

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