Integrating Behavioral Health into Saint Peter’s Medical Group’s Primary Care Practice

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $50,000

This planning project sought to establish clinical work flows, data analytics, and revenue cycle needed to develop a successful integrated behavioral health model in St. Peter’s two primary clinics. The project successfully created a multidisciplinary team of primary care and behavioral health professionals who worked together to create standardized screening assessments and clinical pathways for the medical groups. Care team education, standardized tools, and clinical pathways were all developed and implemented to support best practice clinical care and integrated behavioral health workflows. As a result of this project, St. Peter’s realized a 9.4% reduction in emergency room visits and a 5.1% reduction in inpatient stays for behavioral health patients. The behavioral health professionals continue to increase the number of warm hand-offs and follow-up patient appointments to help increase the access to behavioral health services in their community. With this robust planning process and beginning implementation steps, St. Peter’s is positioned to take the next steps to fully implement integrated behavioral health into their primary care clinics.

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