Integrated Prenatal Care Model for Native American Women: Reducing Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Project Term: 24 months; 2016-2018
Grant Amount: $150,000

This grant will provide case management and program coordination for pregnant Native American women struggling with addiction by developing a program that creates supportive, integrated access to perinatal care and addiction treatment. The program will support sobriety and provide evidence-based treatment during pregnancy to decrease the occurrence of neonatal abstinence syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as to support a path to long-term recovery. The care coordinator position will be a part of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Health Department. Key partners include the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Board of Health, Indian Health Service, and Rimrock Foundation. Expected outcomes include improved access to prenatal care and substance abuse services for pregnant Native women on and off the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, decreased substance abuse in pregnant women, and a reduction in negative birth outcomes and medical costs associated with drug use during pregnancy.

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