School Nurse Fluoride Varnish Programs

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $50,000

Sprout Oral Health developed and implemented a sustainable School Nurse Fluoride Varnish Program (SNFVP) that can be replicated in schools and Head Start programs throughout the state. When implementing this program, Sprout Oral Health targeted low-income Head Start and elementary aged students as fluoride varnish can significantly reduce tooth decay, a chronic disease which disproportionally impacts children of low socio-economic status. Eighteen schools participated in the program with an average federal Free and Reduced Lunch rate of 70%. From these schools, 121 children received no-cost fluoride varnish. The School Nurse Fluoride Varnish Program Manual and Reimbursement Toolkit has been disseminated through existing and new partnerships, such as Montana Association of School Nurses. The School Nurse Fluoride Varnish Program has now been integrated into the package of community-based dental programs Sprout Oral Health maintains and implements across rural and frontier Montana.

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