Wrapped in Hope

Project Term: 24 months; 2020-2022
Grant Amount: $130,000

This project will create a seamless continuum of care for all pregnant women and their families. Specifically, it will implement team-based, coordinated care for all perinatal patients through each of St. Luke’s four clinics and the hospital. Clinical care pathways for each prenatal patient will be determined based on initial screenings, diagnosis, and recommended treatments. Grant funds will initially support a care navigator position, which will primarily serve as the conduit between primary care providers, behavioral health clinicians, the patient, and psychiatric services. The care navigator will also be the patient’s lifeline to community resources. Through this project, the grantee will actively engage and inform patients about the program, create partnerships with other organizations (tribal and non-tribal), and solicit feedback from consumers. Ultimately the project will improve access to behavioral health services and improve outcomes for women who screen positive for substance use disorder or mental health issues and reduce the instances of out of home placements for their infants.

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