Assessing Access to Asthma Education Services

Project Term: 12 months; 2016-2017
Grant Amount: $25,000

The Pharmacist Managed Asthma Clinics Program at the University of Montana-Skaggs School of Pharmacy will assess current access to asthma self-management education and determine the feasibility of multi-disciplinary, pharmacist-led managed asthma care in Montana’s American Indian communities. This project will adapt current toolkits to expand the program into pharmacies on the reservations and urban communities. In addition to looking at the need for asthma programs in American Indian communities in Montana, the program will help patients and health care professionals understand the need and importance of asthma management. Partners include the Native American Center of Excellence, Missoula Urban Indian Health Center, Rocky Boy Health Board, the Montana Asthma Control Program, and the Improving Health Among Rural Montanans program.

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