Capacity Building for the University of Montana Public Health Training Institute

Project Term: 24 months; 2019-2021
Grant Amount: $96,683

The University of Montana (UM) will develop a Public Health Training Institute within the School of Public and Community Health Sciences. Training opportunities will be developed to build the capacity of public health practitioners and the broader health care system. Through a partnership with the Public Health Workforce Development Group, made up of members of the non-profit public health entities and the state health department, nine training topics have been identified as areas of need to build the capacity of Montana’s public health workforce. Through this project, the needs of the broader health care system, including primary care, behavioral health, and tribal and urban Indian health centers, will be identified and five additional trainings will be developed to meet those needs. Trainings will be delivered online for free or, for sustainability purposes, for a nominal fee. Grant funds will be used to cover the cost of program staff to carry out the data gathering and analysis, for consultation with subject matter experts as the training modules are developed, and to cover the costs of travel for meetings and marketing. Through this project, UM will strengthen the partnerships it has developed with the state health department, the non-profit public health entities, and local health departments. New partnerships will be developed with the boarder health care field, including the Montana Hospital Association and Montana Primary Care Association. The project’s goal is to build the capacity of the public health and broader health workforce while simultaneously building the capacity of the School of Public and Community Health Sciences to establish a Public Health Training Institute that will serve as a state-wide resource for health training.

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