Integrated Behavioral Health for Western and South-Central Montana

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2016
Grant Amount: $22,400

With this grant, the Western Montana Mental Health Center (WMMHC) consulted with the National Council for Behavioral Health to provide training on integrated behavioral health (IBH) to 11 health center directors, and to incorporate IBH into WMMHC’s mission and vision. In addition to IBH strategic planning, WMMHC led an effort to review the integration of behavioral health services in the community of Livingston by bringing together health leaders and stakeholders. After the initial meeting of stakeholders, task forces were created to focus on developing a community care pathway for youth, increasing utilization of volunteers, improving management of individuals in crisis, and strengthening partnerships among organizations. The task forces met individually and collectively on multiple occasions throughout the course of the grant. The crisis management team reviewed data on how many people have been to the emergency department during a mental health crisis. Challenges that they identified included transportation, response time by the crisis response team, lack of prompt access to care, and the need to divert people from the emergency department to more appropriate levels of care. The crisis management team will continue to meet monthly to improve admissions from the Livingston emergency department to WMMHC’s crisis facilities.

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