Implementing Behavioral Health Services

Grant Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $15,000

Through this grant, YWCA Helena submitted their application to become a state-endorsed Substance Use Disorder Facility that provides intensive outpatient therapy. YWCA also established a new relationship with Intermountain who will be assisting in with billing. YWCA experienced turn over during this project but was able to maintain momentum through their work with the consultant for this project, Dan Aune. The need for updated technology was identified to aid in billing for services. YWCA is exploring ways to obtain funding to purchase the software needed. Through this grant project, YWCA developed a new working relationship and established the capacity to begin providing a new behavioral health service, through their substance use disorder endorsement; this will result in a new service being provided to the YWCA’s clients and new, sustainable revenue for the organization.


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