WINGS Re-Entry Transitional Housing Program

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $50,000

This project’s goal was to integrate a behavioral health clinician into the YWCA’s transitional women’s housing program and secure state approval for a level three sober living home for women and children, which would allow for a range of reimbursable services for behavioral health. Through this project, the YWCA successfully completed a building inspection, developed the policies and procedures, and planned for the programming that will be implemented once state approval is obtained. In the course of the project, the YWCA experienced a leadership turnover which created challenges in applying for state approval and this objective was ultimately not achieved. However, the YWCA did hire a behavioral health clinician, which was a major achievement in advancing programming and strategies and positions the organization to successfully obtain state approval in the future.

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