Leveraging MHCF resources to bring in new sources of funding for health improvement efforts in Montana. 

The goal of this initiative is to help Montana organizations apply for state, federal, or private foundation grants to fund work related to our focus areas. To accomplish this, we survey federal and private foundation grant opportunities regularly. When we identify a relevant, high-value funding opportunity we reach out to Montana-based organizations that appear well-positioned to apply to determine whether we may have resources that would be helpful with the application. We also welcome inquiries from organizations that would like assistance applying for a specific grant that is aligned with one of our focus areas. Occasionally, we also support applications for large health-focused grants that lie outside of our focus area goals but would offer a clear benefit to health and health care in Montana.


Examples: Types of Grant Application Assistance

Over the past several years, we have been leveraging our investments to help build health system capacity. We have provided grants, contracts, and many hours of staff time to help bring in new revenue to Montana organizations. Some examples of this work include:

  • Grant Writing Contracts: We can directly contract with grant writers to help Montana organizations apply for outside grants. For example, we contracted with a grant writer for the Fort Belknap Indian Tribe which resulted in the tribe receiving an Indian Health Services Tribal Management grant. We also contracted with grant writers to successfully apply for and receive implementation grants from the Bureau of Justice Administration for a veteran’s court in Bozeman and a drug court in Lake County.
  • Grants to Prepare and Plan: Small grants can position Montana organizations to successfully apply for larger, longer-term federal or private foundation grants. For example, we awarded the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services a grant to support the state’s initial year of data collection on the health of mothers and babies. This investment supported a successful application by DPHHS for a large, five-year Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Staff Support: Our staff has technical expertise that can help organizations secure new sources of grant funding. For example, our staff helped lead planning conversations among eastern Montana stakeholders which resulted in an award under Montana House Bill 33 to Dawson County to reopen Glendive Medical Center’s inpatient psychiatric unit and develop a strategic plan for jail diversion and crisis intervention.


Grant Application Assistance Opportunity

We do not offer routine grant opportunities under this initiative, but we will consider inquiries for assistance on a case by case basis. Assistance may come in the form of contracting with a grant writer to assist in the writing and submission of a grant application, by providing our own staff time to support the grant application, or, rarely, in grants to support preparatory activities for a large grant, such as initial data collection and planning.

Requirements for this support include:

  • Your organization must meet our general eligibility criteria.
  • The grant you wish to apply for must align with our focus areas and priorities.
  • You must demonstrate support from your organizational leadership for the activities that would be funded by the grant you wish to pursue.
  • Your organization must have the capacity to perform the proposed activities.
  • Funding used to build new, specific, and substantial partnerships with other organizations are strongly encouraged.    

For more information about this opportunity, please contact our office.

Decisions will be based on our selection criteria and the specific requirements for this initiative. 


Our Work in Grant Application Assistance

Partnerships for Better Health Grantees

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