Developing stable, non-grant funding sources and partnerships that allow nonprofits to provide or expand services important to health. 

The goal of this initiative is to allow Montana-based nonprofits to provide or expand services by developing new partnerships and new stable, non-grant funding sources.

Nonprofit organizations in communities throughout the state provide a wide range of services that may directly or indirectly benefit Montanans’ health and well-being. Many of these organizations subsist year to year on donations and short-term grants. Uncertain and limited funding can adversely affect the stability and effectiveness of their services and the organizations’ ability to meet community needs. Through our work with nonprofits throughout the state, we learned that some have licensed staff providing services that could be billed to insurance, or are seeking grant funding to create such services, but lack the technical knowledge and skills required to take advantage of third-party revenue. Moreover, in many cases, the services planned are being provided or could be offered through partnerships with other organizations in the community.

In this initiative, we will provide small grants and technical assistance to help social service-oriented nonprofits develop new partnerships to deliver new behavioral health services and/or implement a new service to generate revenue as a means of sustaining the service over the long term.

Organizations that receive our support will:

  • Demonstrate organizational leadership commitment to the project.
  • Assess the potential to meet the identified service needs through partnerships with other community-based organizations and pursue such partnerships if the potential exists.
  • Develop a new service partnership and/or begin implementing the desired service within or shortly following the end of the grant term.

If you are interested in applying for support under this initiative, please contact our office.

Our Work in Social Service Non-Profit Capacity Building

Social Service Non-Profit Capacity Building Grantees

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