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Category: Analysis

Sustaining & Expanding Integrated Care in Montana

This week, in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health, we released a report that gives recommendations for how integrated care can be sustained and expanded in Montana. The Montana Healthcare Foundation’s Integrated Behavioral Health Initiative is transforming the standard of care for primary care providers and patients in Montana. We commissioned the National … Continued

New Study: Strengthening Montana’s Public Health System

Today we released a new study that takes an in-depth look at Montana’s public health system and gives recommendations for strengthening it. The “Creating a Vision for a Healthier Montana: Strengthening the Montana Public Health System Study” results from a year-long project by the National Network of Public Health Institutes and Population Health Partners. It … Continued

New Analysis: Up to 56,000 Low-Income Montanans Could Lose Health Coverage if State Imposes Medicaid and Other Work Requirements

House Bill 658, introduced March 12, 2019 to reauthorize Montana’s Medicaid expansion, could lead to major coverage losses.

Montana’s Medicaid Expansion is Improving Health and Access to Care

When Montana expanded Medicaid to cover low-income adults in 2016, one of the big questions was whether having coverage would translate to better access to care for enrollees.

The Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Montana

This week we released a report, in partnership with Headwaters Foundation, that takes an in-depth look at how Medicaid expansion has impacted Montana’s economy and employment.

Bringing Treatment Courts to Scale in Montana

In December 2018, NPC Research completed a study entitled, “Bringing Treatment Court to Scale in Montana.” The purpose of this study was to respond to current attention on substance use disorders as a key health challenge in Montana, and the powerful role that treatment courts can play in addressing this problem; to review the current reach of treatment courts in Montana; and to explore the interest in, feasibility of, and resources required to expand treatment courts in the state.

What Our Public Health Partners Shared About Their Communities

Strengthening public health regional roundtable meetings update.

Reducing Health Insurance Premiums on the Individual Market

This month, the Montana Healthcare Foundation is kicking off a new project aimed at finding ways to reduce health insurance premiums on the individual market.

Health Affairs: Substance Use Disorders – A Foundation Sees New Opportunities And Continuing Challenges

Behavioral health conditions (including both mental illness and substance use disorders) are common and serious problems throughout Montana. This Health Affairs article outlines how MHCF is addressing this important issue.

Report: Assessing the Costs of Chronic Homelessness in the Gallatin Valley

This project seeks to understand the current community costs and the most cost effective approach to addressing chronic homelessness, and any correlation between the impacts of housing on health outcomes.