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Category: Press Release

A new report on Montana Medicaid finds a decrease in ER visits, hospitalizations, and associated costs with each year of enrollment in Medicaid expansion.

ER visits decreased by 11% overall and more than 40% for people with preventable dental emergencies. Health care costs also shifted from more expensive ER and inpatient care to outpatient services and pharmacy, with ER and inpatient health care costs per enrollee declining by more than 18% over three years. Bozeman, Mont. (Feb 7, 2023) … Continued

An updated study of Montana’s Medicaid expansion program finds it continues to support economic activity and improve health while imposing no fiscal cost to the state.

Bozeman and Missoula, Mont. (Feb 7, 2023) – Today, Headwaters Foundation and the Montana Healthcare Foundation released a report on Montana’s Medicaid expansion program and its impact on the state’s economy. New findings show that Medicaid expansion continues to reduce un-insurance, improve health care access and use, and stimulate the economy by bringing federal dollars … Continued

A new analysis finds that ER use declines for Montana Medicaid expansion enrollees the longer they have access to primary and specialty care, dental, and behavioral health services

Emergency department visits decreased by 14% and more than 30% for people with preventable dental emergencies. Bozeman, Mont. (April 12, 2022) – Today, the Montana Healthcare Foundation released an in-depth analysis of the Montana Medicaid program, its cost, and its impacts on health in the state. In the first research of its kind, the analysis … Continued

New Report Finds More Montanans Accessing Care for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Because Of Medicaid Expansion

In 2020 alone, 8,600 adults participated in psychotherapy, and 3,300 received treatment for substance use disorders. Bozeman, Mont. (June 30, 2021) – The Montana Healthcare Foundation released a new report that shows that Montana’s Medicaid expansion program has supported significant improvements in the state’s behavioral health system, increasing its capacity to prevent and treat mental illness … Continued

Study Finds Montana’s Medicaid Expansion Program Supports the Economy, Adds Jobs

Annually, the program brings $650 million into the economy and adds 6,000 jobs.

New Report Examines the Impact Montana’s Medicaid Program Has on Health in The State

Medicaid helps thousands access preventive care annually and supported a 1,400% increase in mental health treatment during the pandemic.

Montana Healthcare Foundation announces commitment to improving student health and education outcomes

New multi-year initiative will create school-based health centers in communities with high needs

KFF’s Kaiser Health News to Expand Coverage in the Mountain West

Expansion Results from New Partnership with the Montana Healthcare Foundation and the Headwaters Foundation

A New Standard of Pregnancy Care is Emerging in Montana

Currently, 11 hospitals and health centers are participating in the Meadowlark Initiative which provides pregnant women and their families with effective, supportive care for behavioral health needs.

New Survey Results Find Montana Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Report Improved Health, Ability to Access Health Care Services

According to new survey results released today, nearly half of the respondents (43 percent) reported an improvement in their general health since enrolling in Montana’s Medicaid expansion.