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June COVID-19 Response Update

June COVID-19 Response Update

As we continue to navigate the realities of this pandemic, we want to give you an update on our COVID-19 response. Much of our work has focused on using our Grant Application Assistance Initiative to help Montana organizations take advantage of the fast-paced grants and other funding opportunities emerging during the pandemic. Through this initiative, we find promising funding opportunities, connect with partners eligible to apply, and work with them to develop a strategy and submit the grant application. We have:

  • Submitted 14 grant applications on behalf of organizations across the state, including six tribes.
  • $2,860,916 has been awarded so far, with most applications still pending.
    • $860,916 was awarded to American Indian tribes and urban Indian health centers to help with their COVID-19 response.
    • A $2,000,000 SAMHSA grant was awarded to MT DPHHS to increase the state’s capacity to provide behavioral health crisis services in hard-hit communities. 

The second piece of our COVID-19 response is supporting the use of telehealth services. We are helping increase telehealth use in primary care, behavioral health, and peer support through developing training webinars and providing technical assistance to our partners. 

Finally, we continue to scan federal legislation to identify and interpret measures relevant to tribes. As needed, we offer technical assistance to tribes to connect them with relevant opportunities. You can find more information on available resources here.