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News Topic: Medicaid & Health Policy

New Survey Results Find Montana Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Report Improved Health, Ability to Access Health Care Services

According to new survey results released today, nearly half of the respondents (43 percent) reported an improvement in their general health since enrolling in Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

The Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Montana

This week we released a report, in partnership with Headwaters Foundation, that takes an in-depth look at how Medicaid expansion has impacted Montana’s economy and employment.

Study Finds Medicaid Expansion Introduces $600 Million into Montana’s Economy Each Year

According to an independent analysis, Montana’s Medicaid expansion has introduced more than $600 million each year into Montana’s economy, generating approximately 6,000 new jobs and $350 million per year in personal income.

Governor Bullock Announces New Medicaid Expansion Online Interactive Dashboard

New data highlights health benefits, local impact of Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

Press Release: New Analysis Looks at Reducing Health Insurance Premiums on the Individual Market

A state-based reinsurance program could save Montanans 10 to 20 percent on individual health insurance premiums.

Reducing Health Insurance Premiums on the Individual Market

This month, the Montana Healthcare Foundation is kicking off a new project aimed at finding ways to reduce health insurance premiums on the individual market.

New Analyses Find Montana Medicaid Expansion Saving Millions of Dollars, Helping Thousands Access Preventive Care

The number of uninsured Montanans halved since Montana passed Medicaid expansion in 2015.

Why Is MHCF Focusing on Medicaid and Health Policy?

Learn from MHCF CEO Dr. Aaron Wernham more about why we chose to pursue work in Medicaid and Health Policy, our strategy, and what we hope to achieve.  

Study: Montana’s Medicaid expansion generates more than 5,000 jobs, $270 million in personal income, and net savings for Montana’s budget

Independent analysis by the BBER examines the economic impact of Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

Analysis of the Senate Health Bill’s Impact on Montana (BCRA)

Updated analysis: Montana to lose $5.3 billion in federal funding for Medicaid under the proposed Senate health bill – more than 75,000 Montanans to lose health cover