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Priority: Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion Work Requirements (MeRIA Analysis)

This report found that an estimated 26,000 to 36,000 low-income people in Montana would lose much-needed health coverage under a proposed bill to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. Also, 5,000 to 7,000 more could lose health coverage due to higher premiums. The report was commissioned by MHCF, completed by researchers at George Washington University’s … Continued

Medicaid Expansion Survey Analysis

This survey analysis summarizes the 2018 survey results of the Montana Medicaid expansion enrollees. The survey assessed member’s access to health care services and their health status prior to and after enrolling in the Medicaid expansion. The survey analysis found that Medicaid expansion is reducing financial barriers and improving access to essential health services in … Continued

Medicaid Expansion’s Economic Impact (2019 Update)

According to this report, Montana’s Medicaid expansion has introduced more than $600 million each year into Montana’s economy, generating approximately 6,000 new jobs and $350 million per year in personal income. Although Montana pays for a share of this coverage, the study also found that savings created by the program along with state revenue generated … Continued

Montana Medicaid Expansion Dashboard

How Medicaid Expansion Affects Montana

This report takes an in-depth look at how Montana’s Medicaid expansion has affected the state’s budget, economy, and residents. The report found that Montana’s 2015 bipartisan Medicaid legislation has saved more than $36 million in the state’s budget and helped more than 65,000 adults access preventive health care services. The report was commissioned by MHCF, … Continued

Montana Medicaid: Creating A Healthier Montana

In 2016, Montana transformed its Medicaid program, expanding coverage and driving down the uninsurance rate to just 7.4%—the lowest in state history. Now, more people have access to the care they need. And that means a healthier workforce and peace of mind for Montana families.

Montana Medicaid: Generating State Savings and Growing Our Economy

Since Montana’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion in 2016, our state has saved millions and our economy has gotten a significant boost, with thousands of new jobs created yearly, higher incomes, and new tax revenue for Montana.

Montana Medicaid: Helping Rural Montana Thrive

With the passage of Montana’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion in 2016, more Montanans have health insurance than ever before which means more people can get the care they need. And our hospitals and health clinics—the centers of many rural communities across our state—are seeing greater revenue for the care they provide for Montana families.

Medicaid Expansion’s Economic Impact

According to this report, Montana’s Medicaid expansion adds $270 million in personal income and more than $500 million in additional economic output to Montana’s economy each year and generates approximately 5,000 new jobs. The program provides health coverage for approximately 94,000 Montanans. Although Montana pays for a share of this new coverage, the study also … Continued

Medicaid and Substance Use Disorder Services

This report explores Medicaid’s new role as the primary payer for substance use disorder services in Montana. This new role is a direct result of Montana’s 2016 Medicaid expansion to cover most low-income adults in the State. The report offers strategies that the Medicaid program may pursue in this new role to improve substance use … Continued