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Our Work Grant Application Assistance

Leveraging our resources and expertise to create a greater impact

We help organizations throughout the state apply for federal, state, and private grants for projects that will advance solutions to high-priority health problems. We use our funds and staff expertise to support grant writers, conduct data analysis, convene potential partners, and develop strategies.

Our annual budget amounts to only a tiny fraction of the total cost of health care in Montana each year – far less than 1%. Since we cannot support every great program for the long term, we make our dollars count by leveraging our resources and expertise to bring outside funding into the state and helping organizations become more sustainable,

We do this by monitoring and identifying promising funding opportunities, connecting with partners eligible to apply, working with them to develop an application strategy, and providing support for writing the grant application. To learn more about the levels of support we offer, please see the funding opportunity.

To date, we have brought $105 million into the state.

In 2022, we helped partners secure nearly $14 million for projects to address key health needs in the state, with a return on investment of more than 8,000%.

Funding Opportunity

About the Opportunity

In this initiative, we survey available grants and when we find one that is relevant, we connect with the organization best suited to apply for the grant. Depending on the opportunity, we use one of the following methods to support the grant application:

  • Grant writing support: We help with initial discussions, identifying and contracting with a grant writer or technical assistance provider, and sometimes early planning meetings.
  • Grant writing support and technical assistance: We help with conveingin partners, developing the conceptual framework for the project, and in meetings and other technical support to guide implementation of the project if the grant is awarded.
  • Grant writing support and lead partner: We help with the grant application and co-manage the grant funds with the awardee.
  • We apply for the grant and are the recipient: We lead all aspects of the project, from developing and submitting the application to managing the grant if awarded.

While we do not offer routine grant opportunities under this initiative, we will consider inquiries for grant application development and submission support on a case by case basis.

Selection Criteria

Eligibility requirements for support under this initiative include:

  • Your organization must meet our general eligibility criteria.
  • The grant you wish to apply for must align with our priority areas.
  • You must demonstrate support from your organizational leadership for the activities that would be funded by the grant you wish to pursue.
  • Your organization must have the capacity to perform the proposed activities.
  • Funding used to build new, specific, and substantial partnerships with other organizations are strongly encouraged.

Funding decisions will be based on our selection criteria and the specific requirements for this initiative.


Need assistance?

Email Hannah Jacoby
Operations Manager