Training 1: Messaging

Wednesday, September 29, 1-2 PM

Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Chuck Alexander

A message is the crux of the matter – the reason anyone should care about your work – it gives the big picture by providing context, a sense of urgency, and possible next steps. Most importantly, it allows you to get your point across in the way you want. Identifying and crafting your messages before you communicate is essential to ensure success and have an impact. This session will focus on creating messages about your work that resonate with your audience(s) and are memorable. This session will also focus on asset framing – which defines people and places by their aspirations, attributes, and contributions before raising systemic challenges they face.

Below are the resources mentioned in the training, as well as a video recording of the event.

Worksheets: In Session Messaging Worksheet and Being Memorable

Asset Framing: The Other Side of the Story

COVID-19 Messaging Resource