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Type: Webinar

Communications Training 3: Storytelling

Training 3: Storytelling Across Platforms Wednesday, October 27, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Gideon Hertz Storytelling is a meaningful way to connect with our audiences and share new ideas. Data and facts matter, but a well-told story is one of the most powerful tools to persuade, educate or engage. This session will develop a … Continued

Communication Training 2: News & Media

Training 2: News & Media Wednesday, October 13, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Ashley Wilson Not all news is the same, and not everything is news. This session focuses on determining whether or not you have news, the tools you have to share the news and when to use it, and how to work … Continued

Communication Training 1: Messaging

Training 1: Messaging Wednesday, September 29, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Chuck Alexander A message is the crux of the matter – the reason anyone should care about your work – it gives the big picture by providing context, a sense of urgency, and possible next steps. Most importantly, it allows you to get … Continued