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Published Year: 2021

Communications Training 3: Storytelling

Training 3: Storytelling Across Platforms Wednesday, October 27, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Gideon Hertz Storytelling is a meaningful way to connect with our audiences and share new ideas. Data and facts matter, but a well-told story is one of the most powerful tools to persuade, educate or engage. This session will develop a … Continued

Communication Training 2: News & Media

Training 2: News & Media Wednesday, October 13, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Ashley Wilson Not all news is the same, and not everything is news. This session focuses on determining whether or not you have news, the tools you have to share the news and when to use it, and how to work … Continued

Communication Training 1: Messaging

Training 1: Messaging Wednesday, September 29, 1-2 PM Trainers: Elizabeth Wenk & Chuck Alexander A message is the crux of the matter – the reason anyone should care about your work – it gives the big picture by providing context, a sense of urgency, and possible next steps. Most importantly, it allows you to get … Continued

GWU Memo: Comments on Ending Continuous Eligibility

Researchers at George Washington University submitted this memo in response to Montana’s request for public comments on its draft amendments to the Medicaid HELP (also known as Medicaid expansion) and WASP (Montana’s Waiver for Additional Services and Populations) waivers. Their findings estimate that ending 12-month continuous eligibility would reduce the enrollment periods of about 21,500 … Continued

Medicaid in Montana: The Critical Role of Medicaid Expansion in Supporting Montana’s Behavioral Health System

This report shows how much progress has been made to improve behavioral health since Montana implemented Medicaid expansion in 2016. With Medicaid expansion now providing a payment source for behavioral health services, Montana’s system is in the process of a deeply needed transformation. Between 2016 and 2020, Montana’s budget for prevention doubled, and 59% of … Continued

Analysis of Montana SB 100 and Policies to Limit Medicaid 12-Month Continuous Eligibility

Senate Bill 100 is currently under consideration by the Montana Legislature. The bill proposes increasing how often the state verifies the eligibility of recipients to receive benefits under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). To better understand how these changes might affect the health of people currently on the program, we spoke with … Continued

Montana Medicaid: Improving Health in Montana

This one-pager pulls the most important findings on how Montana’s Medicaid program is improving health in the state from Medicaid in Montana and Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Montana.

Montana Medicaid Expansion: Strengthening Montana’s Economy

This one-pager pulls the most important findings on how Montana’s Medicaid expansion program is strengthening the economy from Medicaid in Montana and the Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Montana.

2021 Annual Report: Medicaid in Montana

This report provides an in-depth analysis of Montana’s Medicaid program, its beneficiaries and costs, and how it affects the health system and health outcomes of Montanans. Montana Medicaid covers 265,000 children and adults with low incomes, two-thirds of whom live in rural Montana. The report provides data on Medicaid’s role in Montana’s health system and … Continued

Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Montana

This report looks at the economic impact of Medicaid expansion in Montana. It finds that Montana’s Medicaid expansion introduces $650 million into the economy each year, supporting 6,000 new jobs and $400 million in personal income. Although Montana pays for a share of this coverage, the program’s savings and the revenue generated by increased economic … Continued