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Published Year: 2023

The Housing Continuum

This brief breaks down each step of the housing continuum and explains how households move through it over their lifetimes.

An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of a Montana Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

This economic impact report, produced by the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER), considers the potential economic impact of a state low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC).  The report highlights the opportunity to use a state of Montana LIHTC program to leverage currently underutilized federal LIHTC resources and related private investment to … Continued

The End of the Continuous Enrollment Period in Montana

This report by The George Washington University offers recommendations for minimizing coverage loss for people enrolled in Medicaid as Montana implements new state and federal policies in the coming year. The report estimates that roughly 71,000 Montanans could lose coverage by January 2024 and offers recommendations to minimize coverage loss among people eligible for Medicaid. … Continued

2023 Medicaid in Montana: Report Overview

This document provides a high-level overview of the findings of the 2023 Medicaid in Montana Report, including Medicaid’s impact on the state budget, the health of Montanans, and Montana’s economy.

Montana Medicaid Supports Behavioral Health

This one-pager pulls the most compelling behavioral health findings from the 2023 Medicaid in Montana report.

Medicaid in Montana: How Medicaid Impacts Montana’s State Budget, Economy, and Health

This new report on Montana Medicaid finds a decrease in ER visits, hospitalizations, and associated costs with each year of enrollment in Medicaid expansion. This third annual report on Medicaid in Montana also showed that with these better health outcomes, the health care costs for expansion enrollees declined each year they had coverage – and … Continued

Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Montana

This updated study of Montana’s Medicaid expansion program finds it continues to support economic activity and improve health while imposing no net fiscal cost to the state. New findings show that Medicaid expansion continues to reduce un-insurance, improve health care access and use, and stimulate the economy by bringing federal dollars into the state and … Continued

Community Health Assessments

Beaverhead County Public Health Strategic Plan Community Needs Assessment Barrett Hospital-Beaverhead County Public Health MOU Blaine County Community Health Assessment Blackfeet Reservation Community Health Assessment Community Health Improvement Plan Cascade County Community Health Needs Assessment Central Montana Counties (Fergus, Judith Basin, Wheatland, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Petroleum) Community Health Assessment Community Health Improvement Plan Chouteau County … Continued