Impact on Montana of the Better Care Reconciliation Act’s Medicaid Provisions

Focus Area: -- Perinatal Behavioral Health, Medicaid & Health Policy

Category: Report

Date Published: 2017

This independent analysis by nationally-recognized experts from Manatt Health, projects that if the U.S. Senate’s version (Better Care Reconciliation Act or BCRA) of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) is enacted, Montana’s Medicaid program could lose $5.3 billion in federal funding, and more than 75,000 adults enrolled through the recent Medicaid expansion could lose coverage as early as 2021. The report is an update of the in-depth analysis which looked at the U.S. House’s version of the bill. Like the House-passed version of bill, the Senate’s version includes core features of the AHCA including capped funding for children, disabled, and adult members of Medicaid, and the elimination of Medicaid expansion funding.

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