MHCF Evaluation Approach

Focus Area: Partnerships for Better Health


Date Published: 2016

MHCF makes strategic investments to improve the health and well-being of all Montanans. We envision contributing to a measurably healthier state through improving access to quality and affordable health services, research and analysis, improving the upstream influences on health and illnesses and informed public policy. These are challenging goals, and MHCF has limited resources with which to achieve them. The U.S. now spends nearly $10,000 per capita on health care every year (this would translate to roughly $10 billion a year in Montana). Compared to such large numbers, the dollars that a foundation like MHCF can contribute are a drop in the bucket.

To achieve our goals, MHCF must learn what works best to catalyze sustainable improvements in health and health care in the unique communities that make up our state. Doing so will require persistence, innovation and a continuous, disciplined effort to adapt and improve our programming through learning from our successes and failures. Evaluation is best seen in this light: it is a tool to help us hold ourselves accountable for making progress on our objectives, and a means to allow us to continually improve the effectiveness and reach of our limited resources.

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