Assessing the Costs of Chronic Homelessness in the Gallatin Valley

Focus Area: Behavioral Health

Category: Evaluation, Infographic, Report

Date Published: Sept, 2015

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is a leader in community efforts improving lives for low-income people and those struggling with homelessness. For this project, HRDC will develop partnerships with other community organizations on an initiative that seeks to improve health outcomes for homeless people in Gallatin County through addressing their housing needs. The project will create a framework for a coordinated community health response to chronic homelessness through a baseline assessment of the community-wide costs of homelessness and how those costs may be reduced through the implementation of the “Housing First” model in Gallatin County. The project will also determine the extent of need for Housing First units in the community to promote public and private investment in the model. Housing First is an evidence-based approach that provides stable housing as the foundation for improving treatment outcomes for those with chronic mental and physical illnesses, as well as improving participation in personal health care, financial stability, and the ability to achieve self-sufficiency.

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